The Many Aspects of Mobile Home Living by Martin Clark

Meet Evers Wheeling, his brother Pascal and their other friends who like to hang out for extended periods of time in Pascal’s modest trailer home, the one with the boarded up window. Hold this book at arm’s length when you read it as the alcohol fumes emanating from its pages are sure to induce a stage of virtual intoxication. The good life is truly being doped and drugged throughout the day. Now please don’t get the wrong idea about all of this. Author Clark loves these guys. He can’t bear to make them ordinary rednecks. No indeed. One is a judge, and one a doctor -an emergency room physician no less- and they all seem to be college graduates, one from Princeton, one from William and Mary. They speak in an ornate language that would impress an Oxford don. They are generally very polite folks, who would not think of making a pass at the beautiful lady who decides to stay overnight at the trailer home. They have a code of honor that places loyalty above honesty. Pascal, the philosophical one who drinks for a living, states that while you cannot remain a child, you can sure spend your life perpetually immature.

What else goes on besides the serious drinking? Well, the guys get involved in helping an attractive woman retrieve some stolen money, and a strange murder infringes on their imbibing rituals. Judge Wheeling also decides to punish his wife for a marital no-no by chaining her naked to the freeway exit sign at Climax, North Carolina. The judge also has some strange mental lapses that suggest some sort of  brain damage.

What I liked best about this book is that it works on two levels. On the first level, it’s an enjoyable read; quirky, funny characters, good description, intriguing story. On the second level, it’s a spiritual novel that makes us think about the chain of events in our lives and how often things seem to happen for some cosmic reason. I highly recommend this one.

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