McCarthy’s Bar: A Journey of Discovery in Ireland by Pete McCarthy

“It was half past five in the morning as I lurched through the front door of the B&B.  Mrs O’Sullivan appeared just in time to see me pause to admire the luminous Virgin holy water stand with integral night-light, and knock it off the wall. Politely declining the six rounds of ham sandwiches on the tray she was holding, I edged gingerly along the hallway to the wrong bedroom door and opened it.”

 It is indeed St. Patricks Day and I would be remiss in not including one of the most interesting Irish travelogue selections I have encountered penned by travel writer and comedian Pete McCarthy.

Prowling his mothers homeland, McCarthy revels in the amazing scenery while gleefully and enthusiastically embracing the philosophy of Never Pass a Bar With Your Name On It.” With the name of McCarthy he is surrounded with a gloriously prolific selection of pubs throughout Ireland, and he enjoys it thoroughly and his gleeful joy in his experience is downright fun to experience with him!   He enthusiastically enjoys his chats with the locals and his explorations into local hangouts till the wee hours of the morning. McCarthy also thoughtfully examines changes occurring in modern Ireland, historical sites, and goes on an unexpected pilgrimage to Lough Derg, an ancient penitential retreat.
Unfortunately, Pete McCarthy passed on in 2004.  In his obituary, they included a wonderful quote of his-“If you travel in hope rather than with certain knowledge,” wrote Pete McCarthy, “something interesting usually happens”  – and with Pete, something interesting always did!!Along with his fame as a renowned author, Pete will also be remembered for his contribution to alternative theatre and comedy.

He discovers is that “In Ireland, the unexpected happens more than you expect.” A fun choice for fans of Bill Bryson and Peter Mayle!

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