Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand

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Maybe this book should be called, “Breathless,” because that’s how I felt reading it. How much can one man endure? This book never lets up, yet the story kept drawing me forward, engaging me, making me marvel at mans ability to survive. My father and all of my uncles were WWII veterans and I was always eager to hear their stories of the War, but other than basic facts none of them would speak much about their experiences. Unbroken gave me insight as to why so many WWII veterans are reluctant to share their stories; some things are just too painful and downright awful to share.

Hillenbrand, best known for Seabiscuit: an American Legend, tells the incredible real life story of Louie Zamperini and moves the story along briskly from Louie’s childhood to his Olympic performances to a raft in the middle of the Pacific. In just a few fairly short chapters, Hillenbrand manages to paint a picture of Zamperini so vivid that you feel like you know him as well as a member of your own family. Having obviously done thorough research, she deftly mixes in anecdotal tales and numerical evidence that enhances Louie’s story flawlessly.

Unbroken takes war out of the John Wayne realm and tells us the true story of what heroism really is. Sent into a hellish war, under-equipped, under-trained,  incredibly young and with the odds stacked against them, they more than rose to the occasion, and Unbroken takes you on their horrific journey. This book will make you cry, cheer, and seethe. At times, I had to stop reading because I was so overwhelmed mentally and emotionally. It’s strong stuff.

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