Please Ignore Vera Dietz by A.S. King

I love a good troubled teen narrator, and Vera Dietz is about as troubled as they come. Vera goes through her days hoping to be ignored, hoping that no one asks her what really happened to her best friend Charlie. Vera secretly loved Charlie for years, but Charlie betrayed her, and now he’s dead. Vera is one of two people who knows the true story behind Charlie’s mysterious death, but she can’t bring herself to tell the truth. Instead, she buries her sorrows in vodka and late night shifts as a pizza delivery girl. To say this story is a bit dark would be an understatement.
With a sharp, biting wit, Vera tells the story of her complicated relationship with Charlie. The reader is left hanging on her every word, hoping for a clue to the mystery. Vera’s moody narrative is broken up by chapters narrated by her well-meaning father and the town pagoda. That’s right – the pagoda has its own stories and tells the reader things that Vera won’t.
Please Ignore Vera Dietz is the kind of story that you want to bury yourself in. I read the book in one sitting, frantically flipping the pages to find out what was next. What really happened to Charlie? Why doesn’t Vera want to tell the truth? Will Vera ever forgive Charlie? Will she forgive herself? The characters and plot in this novel are complex and unforgettable. Perfect for older teens and adults who love unrequited romance and dark mysteries.
This book is available as a downloadable eBook and downloadable audio book in the Downloadable Media Library. It won a Printz Honor Medal in 2011.

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