Rosebush by Michelle Jaffe

Eighteen-year-old Jane wakes up in the hospital, surrounded by relieved friends and family. She was hit by a car the night before, and found sprawled in a rosebush, barely breathing and clinging to life. Jane can’t remember a thing about the night before or how she ended up near death on the side of the road. As her friends and family visit her in the hospital over the course of the weekend and shed more light about the party she was attending the night of her accident, Jane’s memory slowly returns and she gradually realizes that her accident wasn’t really an accident.
Jane begins getting threatening phone calls, gifts, and messages, and it becomes clear that her assailant still wants her dead. Her patchy memories make her doubt everyone. Was she hit by her borderline abusive boyfriend or her new crush? What about her two best friends, who were angry with her the night of the party? Or her jealous friend Elsa, who was competing with Jane over a photography scholarship? As you read, everyone becomes a suspect with a possible motive. As Jane continues to be threatened and starts acting more irrationally, the police begin to question her motives as well. Is she suicidal? If not, why does forensic evidence show she was kneeling in front of the car before it hit her? Is she crazy? Why can no one else hear the threatening phone calls or see the alarming messages left for her? Soon the reader is wondering if Jane herself wasn’t ultimately responsible for her accident.
Rosebush is a page-turning mystery novel that gets more and more complicated as it goes. For readers who love mysteries full of twists and turns, Rosebush is a quick and enjoyable read.

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