Three Stations by Martin Cruz Smith

Martin Cruz Smith’s favorite investigator, Arkady Renko, is back on the scene. He is his usual irascible self and soon to be involved in two cases.
The story opens with Maya, a teenage mother, running away to Moscow with her infant daughter, Katya. She is befriended on a train by an older woman known as “Auntie Lena,” who chases away a drunken soldier making advances on Maya. Feeling more secure,Maya falls asleep and awakens in Moscow to find that the train has emptied and her baby is gone….
Meanwhile Renko and his friend, Detective Victor Orlov, have been called to investigate a dead young woman found in a trailer at the confluence of rail lines known as “Three Stations.” Though it appears to be a possible drug overdose or suicide, there is something amiss: Renko notices that the woman is well dressed and shows no signs of drug use….
Soon, these two story arcs converge and develops clues that point to a serial killer on the loose

This fast-paced mystery is both a detective story and one that provides readers with a perspective on modern Russian society; those who are not familiar with Arkady Renko can enjoy him for the first time.

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