Moonlight Mile by Dennis Lehane

Dennis Lehane wasn’t sure that he would ever return to the characters that made him so popular, but his fans kept asking about Patrick Kensie and his now wife, Angie. And so he gave in and we have the pleasure to savor his latest novel, ‘Moonlight Mile’. Patrick and Ange have been married for several years now and they have a young daughter, Gabriella. But their careers as private investigators are as shaky as ever. Although Patrick is often hired by big firms to take on special assignments, there has never been a definitive offer of a permanent position that might give him the security of a regular salary and the benefits that could protect his family.

And now Patrick is about to be drawn back into a 12 year old case that he unhappily resolved (Gone,Baby,Gone). Angie and Patrick found and rescued a 4 year child, Amanda McCready. But in doing so, they discovered that the child had been taken by the relatives of Amanda, who just wanted to get her away from her horrible mother, Helene.  Amanda’s uncle Lionel went to jail, as did the co-conspirators, a police officer and his wife. Patrick has never forgiven himself for solving the crime but putting Amanda back into a horrible situation.

Now Amanda is 16 and she has vanished again. Beatrice McCready, Amanda’s aunt, finds Patrick and begs him to find Amanda again! Helene has taken up with another terrible person, Kenny Hendricks, and Patrick is conflicted on what he should do. Angie is in school working towards a Masters while Patrick seeks that  permanent position, and they also have a 4 year old to care for. Patrick is waylaid by some of Hendrick’s cohorts and given a beating and warned to stay away from Helene McCready!  After Ange sees the results of the beating, she decides for the two of them that they are not going to desert Amanda and her saint of an aunt, Beatrice.

And so the action begins in Moonlight Mile, a tale as fast paced and exciting as any that Dennis Lehane has written before. Throw in a little conflict with the Russian mob and you have the makings of a terrific read. This book has the word ‘movie’ written all over it.

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