The Red Thread by Ann Hood

This is a different kind of love story. It is the love between parents and their children. It is the story of American couples who for any number of reasons can’t have children of their own but are desperate to find a way; many of them seek to adopt foreign babies. It is also the story of how there is almost an inexhaustible supply of baby girls from China. Still today, the Chinese cherish boys and limit the amount of children that families can have. Extra children, especially girls are given away or taken away.

This book is the story of Maya Lange, who tragically lost her only child in a terrible accident. Not being able to face her tragedy, she also lost the love of her life, Adam. Perhaps in an attempt to atone for the lost of her child, Maya starts an organization, Red Thread, to enable American families to adopt Chinese babies.  Maya believes that there exists a ‘red thread‘ uniting these families from opposite sides of the world. You will meet the different couples as they attempt to successfully qualify to adopt abandoned babies and become familiar with the rules they must follow, the qualifications they must match, and the costs of the operation.

You will meet Sophie and Theo, Charlie and Brooke, Carter and Susannah, Nell and Benjamin, and Maya’s best friend, Emily and her husband, Michael. You will also meet some of the Chinese mothers who had to abandon their baby daughters. It is heart wrenching and yet although the book is fiction, this tale of Chinese mothers is very true, even today!

This lovely book tells a story that is both immensely joyful and incredibly sad. It is a story for the ages, and although it might not be the type of book that I would naturally gravitate toward, I am so glad that a good friend recommended it.

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  1. The Hook Says:

    Different is just what we need these days!

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