Worth Dying For by Lee Child

Jack Reacher is heading for Virginia, using his usual mode of transportation… hitchhiking. His last ride has dropped him off at a crossroads in the corn growing area of Nebraska, next to a motel; the Apollo Inn. There is nothing around but the small motel where Jack figures to spend the night before continuing on to his destination. After settling into his room, he goes into the small bar off the main lobby to get some coffee. There, the manager is behind the bar serving a man who appears to have already consumed more alcohol that he should have. A telephone rings and it’s for the customer; it seems a woman is bleeding severely and she needs medical attention. After giving some advice over the phone, the patron hangs up. Jack is mystified – why, if the patron is some sort of physician, is he not going off to help the caller?

And so starts Lee Child’s latest Jack Reacher adventure. Jack is dismayed when he finds out that the man is a doctor but won’t offer any in-person assistance. Reacher insists that he will drive the man to the woman’s home. After the doctor assists the woman, Reacher returns to the bar with the doctor, not realizing that he has crossed a line in the strange relationships that exist in this area. But he will soon know that he has crossed swords with the Duncan clan, a family that totally controls the district. The woman assisted is the wife of Seth Duncan, and it appears she was severely beaten by her husband.

Reacher soon discovers out that he is in a very dangerous situation after he has taken out three goons, ex-football players, sent to straighten him out after his interference in Duncan family affairs. Although he really wants to get on to Virginia, Jack can’t leave a situation where the families in the area are all justly terrified of such sordid people and frightened of the consequences of going against the Duncans.

The Duncan family consists of three brothers and one grown son, Seth, and they really do control the region. They own a trucking concern and nothing moves in or out without their approval, including the farm crops in the area.  Jack gets involved and the reader enters Lee Child’s world — you won’t put down the book until Reacher has resolved the situation.

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