Spirit Dances by C. E. Murphy

Joanne Walker is a cop. She also is a healer… a shaman. Her magical gifts should be an asset to her job, but now that she has come to accept them and begin to understand them, she still needs to master them to make them truly effective. And she has to remember to use them when a split-second decision can save her partner’s life. Or, she can just rely on her gun.

After she saves her partner’s life, she runs into a woman whose life she inadvertently saved while working on a much larger problem. In gratitude, she is given tickets to a Native American dance performance… a performance that transforms her, quite literally. But unfortunately, the performance ends in tragedy and Joanne must find the killer.

Her investigation tests and stretches her powers like never before. And it tests her relationship with her boss like never before as well. The pace of the story is quick and intense and the dialogue is fun and easy. A great leisure read and another fine installment in the Walker Papers series.

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