The Complaints by Ian Rankin

The Complaints is the latest book by Ian Rankin featuring his Scottish detective, Malcolm Fox. Fox works for what we in the ‘States’ call Internal Affairs… those officers who investigate and ‘root out’ criminal police officers. Just as in this country, the officers that serve this duty are despised by their fellow officers. The full name for the English equivalent is the Professional Standards Unit or PSU and Malcolm’s unit is known as ‘Complaints & Conduct.’ They have just finished an investigation on Detective Glen Heaton, who will soon go on trial for his indiscretions. Fox’s work within his department has brought praise from his boss, but disdain from Heaton’s superiors.

Now a case is going to touch a little closer to home. Fox has been asked to investigate an officer named Jamie Breck. But before he gets to Breck, he has been informed that his sister’s boy friend, Vince Faulkner has been murdered! Fox is not too unhappy because Faulkner has been physically abusive to his sister. However, when he starts to inquire about the murder, he finds that the detective in charge of the case is… Jamie Breck!  The case is about to get more complicated because, although he is sure that his sister had nothing to do with the murder, he knows she will come under scrutiny. And he may also face some questions, because he knew of his sister’s abuse at the hands of Faulkner.

But the complications are only beginning and continue to become more interesting. As Fox works with Breck on the murder, he realizes he must also keep a close eye on Breck for his own investigation. The charges that may be brought against Breck are in regard to a pedophilia ring based in Australia. The closer Fox works with Jaime, the more he becomes convinced that Breck is being set-up and may be totally innocent of the charges.

The case becomes further complicated after the apparent suicide of a leading builder in the area, one who Vince Faulkner worked for and knew.… Follow the clues as Ian Rankin leads you through  an enjoyable venture in British mystery.

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2 Responses to “The Complaints by Ian Rankin”

  1. Quinnzite Says:

    Wow this sounds amazing! Just the sort of dark British detective novel that I’ve been craving. Never been able to get much into American crime novels, as a lot of them seem to follow a pre-set murder mystery template, but with the Brits, there’s alway something new thrown into the mix. Nice article guys!

  2. Steve Bank Says:

    Thank you… was a bit of a surprise for me ….as it was a gift book from someone who is a mystery guru…..Molly Weston

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