I Beat the Odds by Michael Oher & Don Yaeger

For those of you who loved the movie The Blind Side, here is the rest of the story of Michael Oher. Raised in poverty, in the poorest neighborhoods of Memphis, Michael tells how he survived to get to the point where the movie begins. His mother was a drug addict who would stay clean only long enough to give birth to another sibling for Michael before falling back under the influence of drugs. Michael never stopped loving her and always hoped that this time she would stay off drugs. Although he sometimes had to stay one step ahead of the welfare system, from the age of 7 or 8 Michael had a dream that he would escape his environment, get an education, and fulfill his dreams. There were good people along the way; teachers who took a special interest in him and a welfare official who saw that this wasn’t just a big dumb kid. They were able to see that there was much more to this large young man who had times seemed to be buried in the system. It took a lot of hard work in which Michael had to repeat grades and had to learn how to study, but he got there. His grades improved until he started to make the Honor Roll. This was a special person and he has written a special story so that others might see that there are ways to escape the ghettos of our inner cities. Read Michael’s story, see The Blind Side again, and then watch Michael play on a Sunday afternoon for the Baltimore Ravens!

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