Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella

We’ve all had those moments in life.  Down on your luck and having job problems, family problems, love problems.  That’s exactly where we find our heroine, Lara.   When we meet Lara, she’s been abandoned by her business partner and her boyfriend and is lying to her parents about both.  Telling her parents that not only is the business thriving, but she and the boyfriend are back together, she is having a difficult time juggling the lies and her life.  The last thing she needs right now is the ghost of her great-aunt, Sadie, haunting her.  But that is just what Lara gets; a demanding, screaming 20 year old version on her dead aunt who no one else can see who needs Lara’s help in order to “pass on.”

Kinsella is famous for her down-on-her-luck heroines that need something to help them change their lives, just think of Shopaholic.  Twenties Girl doesn’t break the mold, but still gives you a fun ride.  Lara is plucky and likable, once she ditches the boyfriend and old job.  Sadie is a bit annoying, but is the real catalyst to Lara’s change.  The two of them make a good team as they tackle Lara’s life and the mystery of Sadie’s past.  The most enjoyable part for me was the change you see in both Lara and Sadie.  Both are a bit exasperating in the beginning, but I truly cared for them by the end.

Readers who like Kinsella’s other books will love this.  For the rest of you, pick it up if you are in the mood to suspend reality and have a few good laughs.  Twenties Girl is a great pick for a fun and lighthearted summer read.  Pick it up at the library before you head to the beach or pool this summer.

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