True Grit by Charles Portis

I was hesitant to pick this book up since I have never really read a western. Luckily, I am adamant about reading a book before watching the movie. I am very glad to have picked up this book and now consider it one of my all time favorite novels.

Charles Portis creates the unmistakable and unforgettable character Mattie Ross in the book True Grit.  At the tender age of fourteen Mattie sets out to claim her father’s body and avenge his murder by Tom Chaney. She is hard driven by truth and justice; she is also capable of great compassion, reminding me of Mark Twain’s Tom Sawyer. She is tenacious and forthright in her actions much to the surprise and chagrin of town folk as she settles her father’s business. With her father’s gun, a horse and $150 in hand, Mattie funds her hunt for Tom Chaney through Indian Territory. Reluctantly joining her in this pursuit is Rooster Cogburn, a bounty hunter with what Mattie Ross describes as true grit- an essential trait when dealing with the murderer and coward Tom Chaney. Also pursuing Chaney alongside Rooster and Mattie is a Texas Ranger going by the name LeBoeuf.  Even though they are all driven by different motives, they form an unstoppable team in their chase meeting up with several interesting characters and exciting situations.

At times touching, exciting and comical, True Grit is a page turner with something for everyone!

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2 Responses to “True Grit by Charles Portis”

  1. roddyrodd Says:

    This was our Book Club’s last selection and it generated much discussion. Some loved it (including myself) but others hated it. It made for great discussion. My copy has an introduction by Donna Tartt who argues that Mattie’s lieterary ancestor is not tom Sawyer (or Huck Finn) but Dorothy Gale from The Wizard Of Oz. This generated much discussion at the book club. What do you think?

  2. amy Says:

    I love this book so much that I can’t imagine anyone disliking it.
    I will have to read through that intro. I read an e-book version and I am not sure I had privvy to that intro at the time.
    So far, I am not sure I buy it. I can see some similarities though and am open to the idea for sure!
    I definitely look forward to reading more Charles Portis. He seems to be a very overlooked author.

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