The Restorer by Amanda Stevens

As I sat down to start reading the brand new book, The Restorer, I checked a few reviews that had come before me and noticed a strong theme of “This book is VERY CREEPY.” Personally, I have never been a huge fan of being creeped out as it brings me very intense dreams that scare the ninny out of me. However, I pressed on, as the subject and setting of the book (ghosts in Charleston) are of a particular interest to me. The idea of a heroine who restores graveyards also intrigued me.

Amelia Gray happens to really enjoy her work restoring cemeteries. It’s solitary and comforting to bring order back to someone’s final resting place. So when she happens upon a rather fresh body in a very old cemetery, her world turns upside down. A mysterious detective arrives in her life and suddenly she is pulled into a rather unconventional murder investigation.

I was really pleased to find that yes, the book was super creepy in parts, but the tension was never dragged out so long that I just couldn’t take it. The heroine is not a typical modern tough female either. She is strong, but not supernaturally so and her weaknesses are clear and real.

The characters are really engaging as well. It blends a lot of what people enjoyed in Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil with any good secret society story like The DaVinci Code. It shares plot elements of both, but is as well written as “Garden” and as interesting as “Code.” You are never really sure who you can trust.

But a word of caution… if you are like me and detest a cliffhanger ending that makes you impatient for the next book to be published… maybe put this one off until the second book comes out.

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