The Body in the Gazebo by Katherine Hall Page

For those of you who don’t know me, my favorite genre is mystery. And one of my favorite authors, in that genre, is Katherine Hall Page.

This traditional mystery series is set in the picturesque New England town of Aleford, Massachusetts and features amateur sleuth and caterer Faith Fairchild. Faith is the daughter of a minister and is married to Reverend Tom Fairchild. We first meet Faith as a young wife and mother in The Body in the Belfry. Fast forward a number of years to The Body in the Gazebo.

Pix Miller, Faith’s best friend reluctantly leaves for South Carolina to meet her son’s future in-laws. In her absence Faith has agreed to watch over Pix’s ailing octogenarian mother, Ursula.  Knowing Faith’s ability to solve mysteries, Ursula slowly reveals the story of an unsolved crime that occurred in the summer of 1929 on Nantucket Island. This is a story with a family secret Ursula does not yet want to share with her daughter Pix.

Meanwhile, it is discovered that church funds are missing from an account which only Tom has access. Tom and Faith work together to clear Tom’s name before his reputation is ruined. When Faith’s assistant Niki unburdens her secret, Faith is soon “sick with secrets”.

The reader is never lost as the author skillfully shifts between the two time periods and the voices of Faith and Ursula. I most enjoyed reading about Ursula’s life during the 1920s and the following Depression era.

In all her books Katherine Hall Page includes recipes for the mouth-watering meals Faith prepares. You can find more of these recipes in Page’s Agatha-nominated cookbook Have Faith in Your Kitchen.

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