Matched by Allyson Condie

Imagine a world where you never have to go on a single date; there are no disappointments, breakups, or horrible first dates.  Instead on your sixteenth birthday you are matched with your prefect match.  A person that statistically is perfect for you in every way. This is Cassia’s world.

On her sixteenth birthday Cassia anxiously awaits to be matched by the all-knowing Society that runs her world.  She is overjoyed to find that her match is none other than her best and oldest friend Xander.  It is a statistically odd match, but Cassia knows that Xander is perfect for her in everyway.  That is until she gets home that night and sees a flash of another boy’s face on her screen instead of Xander’s.  Did the Society make a mistake?  Is this some kind of cruel joke? And what about the boy, Ky, whose face she saw? Cassia has known him since her childhood also, but now she sees him in a different light.  Out of this confusion, Cassia grows to question everything she has ever known.   If Cassia doubts the Society’s choice for her match, how can she believe everything else they demand of her?

Teen dystopias are all the rage, and Matched does not disappoint.  It has less action than others, like The Hunger Games, but the work makes up for that in insight and uniqueness.  In a world of dating websites, we can all ponder over the belief of one person being exactly right for us based on statistics and our personalities on paper.  Cassia’s world is at the same time perfectly ideal and grotesquely appalling.  For anyone who has ever questioned authority, wondered at fate, or thought of how much they would risk for what they believe, this book is sure to please you.  If you have never even considered such a thing, this book is sure to challenge you.

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