Silent Auction by Jane Cleland

I have so many favorite mystery authors and Jane Cleland is at the top of that list. Silent Auction is the fifth installment in her series featuring antique dealer Josie Prescott.

After five years of living in the coastal town of Rocky Point, New Hampshire, Josie has achieved business success, peace, love and happiness. However, that sense of security is destroyed when she discovers the body of her employee and friend Frankie.

Everyone thought Frankie, the beloved nephew of Josie’s closest friend Zoe, had overcome his violent past.  Josie can’t imagine who would want to kill this good hearted, but turbulent young man and is determined to find his killer.

A new police chief, wealthy summer residents, and the local art community are entwined in solving the murder of Frankie. The theft of a valuable scrimshaw tooth from the lighthouse home of Guy Whitestone, owner of a vast marine art collection, may have a connection to the murder.

Cleland’s expertise in the field of antiques and fine arts shines through out this story. The art history and business of scrimshaw is a fascinating aspect to this intricate mystery. Once again Jane Cleland has written a very informative and well crafted mystery.

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