How to Bake a Perfect Life by Barbara O’neill

One of life’s comforts is a small constants that are always true. If you mix water, yeast, and flour, it will rise and make bread.  This is the constant in Ramona Gallahger’s life. Born into a large family, she has been somewhat of an outcast since becoming pregnant at 15.  Bread and baking comforted her then and do so now.

Separated from the family restaurant business, Ramona, now 40, owns her own bakery and shares her life with her daughter, Sofia.  When Sofia’s husband has been injured while serving in Afghanistan, she rushes to his bedside in Germany leaving Ramona home with her 14 year-old step-daughter.  To top it all off Ramona’s bakery is causing her to slip more and more into debt she cannot handle.  Over the summer, Ramona struggles to keep her business and her family afloat.  With the arrival of troubled Katie, Ramona explores her own turbulent past and describes how baking bread saved her when she was pregnant at 15.  Ramona turns again to bread to help her heal Katie, put her life back together, and. just maybe, get a second chance at an old romance.

Peppered with recipes and lore about baking, O’Neill creates a story that is as comforting as the smell of freshly baking bread.  Though Ramona’s life is stressful, O’Neill manages to show how comfort can be found in taking care of family and letting the dough rise.  The novel also explores many modern issue including drug abuse, wounded veterans, and economic troubles.  O’Neill does a great job balancing these issues with strong family love; she’s create a blend that’s not too schmaltzy or too depressing.

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