A Winter Haunting by Dan Simmons

A man – failed writer, husband and father- goes back to the old farm of his deceased friend in his hometown (a place he hasn’t see in over forty years) in order to write a book about his childhood. But the farmhouse he moves into is less than inviting at times; strange things seem to occur on a regular basis. His laptop turns on by itself and leaves him cryptic messages, an old radio plays by itself, strange dogs that seem to grow with furious rapidity roam around the house and voices are heard during the night.

Simmons brings back many of the characters from his novel Summer of Night, one of the best horror novels ever written! But this time, we can never be certain on who’s real and who’s not, who’s good and who’s not. This is not a sequel per se, more of a follow-up.

The pace of this book – which is short, clocking at a very trim 325 pages – is very rapid and very suspenseful. This is mostly a one man show as there is basically only one main character, but never offers a dull moment. And there are some very creepy moments that will make the hair at the back of your neck stand up. And let me tell you right now that the finale is a killer! An amazing end to an amazing story!

I am pleased that Simmons finally wrote a proper sequel to Summer of Night. This is one book that will not displease fans of the author and new readers alike. The book is scary, extremely well written and, as most Simmons book, often funny. Simmons proves once again that he is a master storyteller worthy of the best seller charts. He is the literary world’s best kept secret. Do not let this one pass you by!

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