Blotto, Twinks and the Ex-King’s Daughter by Simon Brett

Over the past several decades I’ve enjoyed reading a number of English mystery series written by Simon Brett.  His most recent venture is a light hearted English country manor house mystery which I found to be a cross between PG Wodehouse and the Mouse That Roared. Originally published in the UK in 2009, Blotto and Twinks have finally crossed the Pond and arrived in the WCPL system.

We meet the rather dim Right Honourable Devereux Lyminster, Blotto, and his lovely and brilliant sister Honoria Lyminister, Twinks, in the library of the family estate Tawcester Towers. There they discover the body of Captain Schtoltz, envoy to Ex-King Sigismund of Mitteleuropa and guest of their mother the Dowager Duchess. What follows are mishaps and adventures involving deposed kings, treacherous twin body guards, missing princesses and foreboding castles. Twinks and Blotto face these many trials in an attempt to restore their family honor.

Although, I initially described this book as a light hearted mystery, there is a good bit of rather dark humor.  Brett’s political satire also closely mirrors current world events.  Regardless, lovers of British mysteries should sit down with a nice cuppa tea and enjoy the quaint British patter and colloquialisms that are part of this clever new series.

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