Blood, Bones, and Butter; the inadvertent education of a reluctant chef by Gabrielle Hamilton

Food is a universal need.  It is one of the three basic tenets of life.  Yet in the case of Gabrielle Hamilton, food is much more.  From childhood, food and cooking has served as a driving force in her life, although somewhat unintentionally. That is the idea that runs throughout Hamilton’s memoir; food is what anchors her to life, but she would never have chosen it to be that way.

Hamilton is the world renown and award-winning chef and owner at Prune in Manhattan, but her story starts many years before.  Starting in her childhood in bucolic Pennsylvania, the poignant moments of her life revolve around food and its creation, from her father’s lamb roasts to her mother’s apron and well-stocked pantry. From there food is, more often than not, the center of Hamilton’s life.  She jumps from restaurant job to job, slinging chili in a Manhattan bar, serving crepes in the south of France, making dinner for hundreds of campers in the woods of Connecticut. Then, while leading the frantic life of a freelance caterer, Hamilton stumbles upon the opportunity to start a restaurant of her own.

I can tell you one thing; if you weren’t hungry when you started read, you most certainly will be at the end.  Hamilton can write about a boiled potato with butter in a way that will make your mouth water.  But the more interesting aspects of the novel are her ideas of life and rebellion against the status quo.  Hamilton lives life how she cooks–with passion and on her own terms.  Blood, Bones, and Butter will leave you hungry; hungry for a good meal and certainly for a life as daring as the author’s.

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One Response to “Blood, Bones, and Butter; the inadvertent education of a reluctant chef by Gabrielle Hamilton”

  1. marci72 Says:

    This was also great as an audio book. The author narrates it herself.

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