White Guys by Anthony Giardina

I was lucky enough to read this novel (which I strongly recommend) without having known about the real-life murder on which it’s based. If you’re tempted to read it and don’t know about that murder yet either, I suggest waiting until afterward to find out about it. The novel’s suspense will work better for you that way, and anyway, it’s not really about that murder; instead Giardina uses the actual event as a springboard for a thoughtful, poignantly observed consideration of what happens to markedly ethnic guys who climb up the social scale and become bleached-out “white guys.” Race, class, gender, and sexuality all come into play in intriguing, believable, unforced ways, even if the final messages about how these whitened guys might have lived better lives gets a little muddled.

Early on, protagonist Timmy O’Kane is an Irish American member of a group of Italian American friends. As teenagers they horse around in familiar ways, but one boy, Billy, is rougher than the others, more virile, edgy, and dangerous. Soon, Billy stays behind and leads a working-class life while the others go from “wise guys” to “white guys,” by going to college and then by finding appropriate houses, kids, and wives in the suburbs. As you might expect, these typical yuppies soon realize during regular steak-booze-and-cigar gatherings that despite their apparent success, something is missing. I found the plot gripping and the characters very believable.

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Info about the murder that the book is loosely based on.


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