The Love Goddess’ Cooking School by Melissa Senate

Knowing your fortune isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be.  Holly Maguire is finding this especially true.  Her grandmother Camilla, the love goddess of Blue Crab Island, predicted that Holly’s big love would love sa cordula, a traditional Italian dish featuring lamb intestines.  Finding that man, however,  is proving to be pretty hard.

After breaking up with the man she thought she would marry, Holly moves home with Camilla to nurse a broken heart, but in turn loses her grandmother and inherits a cooking school.  Holly has to keep Camilla’s Cucinotta going; she’s going to forgot about men and love and focus on cooking and keeping the business alive.  Holly just wants to get through the first classes, but as she and her students come together over the pots and pans adding Camilla’s essential ingredients of wishes and memories they learn much more about themselves and each other.  Whether it is reconnecting with a child, mending a broken marriage, or finding true love, all of the students have come to this cooking class looking for something.  And all of them, including Holly, learn cooking does have a bit of magic in it.

Sometimes a book seems good enough to eat. Senate fills her book with enough tantalizing food and sweet romance to satisfy a hungry reader.   I picked up this novel because I am a sucker for any book with a title that promises tasty delights inside; sometimes all I need is a picture of some food on the cover.  This book did not disappoint. I enjoyed the gentle romance, the fun characters, and the delicious sounding food.  If anything, this book will leave you with a strong craving for Italian food but probably not sa cordula.

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