I’m Kind of a Big Deal: And Other Delusions of Adequacy by Stephanie Wilder-Taylor

I really enjoy collections of funny essays, and if they have a little bit of snarky-ness to them, all the better. I’m Kind of a Big Deal is exactly that. Wilder-Taylor’s essays are arranged chronologically though the book, so that while each can stand on its own in a comedic fashion, they also run together create a memoir of her life to date.

The book starts directly after the author has graduated from high school and chronicles her time in New York City as an unemployed 18 year old bunking with a friend and working as a singing waitress in a family-owned Italian restaurant (and no, she could not sing.) The NYC stint did not, of course, last long, and soon she was on the train back to her parents’ house in Massachusetts with her sights already set on her next big adventure – Los Angeles.

Wilder-Taylor takes us through a series of comical events in L.A. including dancing in a video for Bob Dylan, being a guest on the dating show Studs, stalking a guest from The Love Connection, and working as a limo chauffeur for the rich, famous, and sometimes not so nice.

The stories are written with a glib wryness that makes the author likeable despite her many obvious faults.

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