The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown

“See, we love each other. We just don’t happen to like each other very much.” The quote on the cover of Weird Sisters is what caught my eye and prompted me to pick it up off of the shelf. I don’t often read family saga novels, but this one was an appreciated exception to the rule. The novel centers around three sisters Rose, Bean, and Cordy. After growing up in a household where books reigned supreme and Dad offered advice and guidance by citing the words of Shakespeare, they have opted to take three very different paths in life. Rose, as the oldest daughter, is the responsible one who stayed close to home to care for her aging parents, while Bean headed straight for the biggest brightest lights she can find and Cordy, the baby of the family, has spent her adult life so far drifting from situation to situation and town to town, seemingly seeking a place where she feels like she belongs. When personal crises and their mother’s illness bring Cordy and Bean back home, the three must learn to live with the unique quirks of their family again while they continue to tackle the personal issues that they brought home with them.

The story is a worthwhile read for anyone, but perhaps especially so if you have siblings. It was easy to get wrapped up in the characters as I found myself hoping that Rose would make the same decision I would have while doubting that she would, or mentally rolling my eyes at Bean’s escapades.  You quickly realize that this isn’t the story of each individual sister but rather the story of the sisters collectively, and for this reason, it works.

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