Don’t Breathe a Word by Jennifer McMahon

Fifteen years ago, 12-year-old Lisa disappeared into the woods behind her house…or did she?

Lisa and her brother grew up believing that fairies were responsible for the disappearance of an entire town in the woods behind their house.  In the months before she vanishes, Lisa becomes more and more convinced that the fairies have returned, but it is clear that these fairies are more sinister than magical.  The night she disappears, she tells her brother that she is going to meet the King of the Fairies, and is never heard from again.

Fifteen years later, Lisa’s brother, Sam, is suddenly thrust back to the sinister world of the fairies when he receives a mysterious phone call.  He and his girlfriend Pheobe set out to find Lisa, and with each discovery they unravel the unbelievable truth about what happened, as well as placing themselves in danger.

Alternating between Lisa’s narration of the summer she disappeared and Phoebe’s narration of the present day, Don’t Breathe a Word is written like a terrific suspense film.   Each chapter ends with a cliffhanger, creepy characters lurk in the dark, and nothing is as it seems.  I found this book so compelling that I could not put it down until I found out the truth about Lisa and the fate of Sam and Pheobe.

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