Little Princes by Conor Grennan

At first Conor Grennan thought his three-month stint volunteering in a Nepalese orphanage would be a fun way to start his trip around the world, an opportunity to get in some good mountain climbing, and, of course, an impressive conversation starter with the babes at the local bars.  But as soon as he arrives at the door to the Little Princes Orphanage, Conor realizes he is totally unprepared—what was he thinking?  He has no siblings, no young cousins, nieces or nephews, has never done any babysitting—he has no experience with children whatsoever!

Conor soon catches on, and, in spite of his bone-wearying exhaustion at the end of each day, he learns to love the experience and the children of Little Princes.

One day, not long before Conor’s scheduled flight out of Nepal, a woman arrives at the orphanage’s door, claiming to be the mother of two of the Little Princes orphans.  It is then Conor realizes that the children of Little Princes are not orphans—they are trafficked.

What follows is a story of adventure, integrity, and devotion told with self-deprecating humor that inspires one to believe that one ordinary person can make a difference in even the most remote and dangerous places.

There is much about the Nepalese culture in Little Princes to provide opportunity for discussion.  There is also a civil war occurring during the events, which facilitated the child trafficking.  Religious traditions (Buddhist and Christian) are briefly mentioned in the book as Conor considers his own spirituality, but this is a very small part of the book.

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