The Rottweiler by Ruth Rendell

Ruth Rendell is one of England’s great mystery writers. She writes a detailed nuanced thriller requiring your undivided attention.

Inez Ferry has never gotten over the loss of her beloved husband, Martin. Martin was the star of an English mystery series and when feeling particularly sad, she puts on old tapes of Martin’s series, Inspector Forsyth. But life goes on and Inez runs a small antique business is London, ‘Star Antiques’. To supplement her income, she rents out the upper floors of her house to a strange band of tenants. There is Jeremy Quick, a businessman, Will Corbett, a young man with the mind of a 10 year old, and Ludmila Gogol, a  model?  She also has a beautiful assistant Zeinab, who has many wealthy suitors but is not ready to settle down. Each one has a significant ‘other’ and Will has his Aunt Becky to help him out.

But then the murders of several young women in the neighborhood of the antique store has put everyone on edge. Because the first discovered body has a bite on the neck, the killer is dubbed ‘the Rottweiler’.  Everyone is nervous but especially Inez because facts start to come out that all her tenants may not be who they claim to be. And when a piece of jewelry from one of the murder victims shows up in Inez’ store, the police start to look more closely at Inez’ tenants and maybe even Inez herself.

Rendell weaves an intricate story of suspense and mystery and her books have delighted fans for decades.

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