Those Who Save Us by Jenna Blum

As much as we think we know about the Holocaust and World War II, there is much we still don’t know about life in Germany prior to and during the War. Books have been emerging over the last several years, both fiction and non-fiction describing life in Germany leading up to and including the war years. All Germans were not Nazis; many were good Christians, who in their own way tried to help and hide and save their Jewish neighbors and friends. Israel, in fact, honors these righteous Christians in the Holocaust Museum, Yad Vashem.

Those Who Save Us is the tale of a mother, Anna, and her daughter Trudy Swenson. Trudy knows that her mother has never explained her life in Germany before she escaped to America. Now Anna’s husband , Jack has died and Anna has been moved to a home after her house caught on fire. Trudy is trying to tidy up her mother’s affairs but realizes that she never knew her mother’s story. And she realizes that this may be her last chance to learn of Anna’s past.

Trudy is a history professor at the local college and is about to embark on a project that she hopes will educate herself as well as her students. She will interview German residents of her town who emigrated to the United States after the War.  Having survived the War with Anna, she remembers some details from their existence in Germany from 1940-1945, but she hopes that Anna will finally open up and reveal the entire story.

Jenna Blum has written a beautiful book … worth reading for all of us. Although it is a work of fiction, it rings so true to any of us who think we know the story of WW II.

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