A Map of Time by Felix J. Palma

 If you could change the past, would you?  And how would those changes effect the world as we know it?  Felix Palma tackles these questions and more in his genre blending Science Fiction, Fantasy,Time travel, Steampunk, Alternate history page turner.  The father of Science Fiction, H.G. Wells, is embroiled three intertwined mysteries involving Jack the Ripper, love, murder, a rip in the space-time continuum, magic, automatons, the future, the past, and much more.

When a young man loses the love of his life to the murderous fiend Jack the Ripper, he seeks the help of H.G.Wells and his time machine to go back in time and save her.  As the only man in the world that might have a time machine, Wells is the only one who can help change the past and right what is wrong.  But is is all what it seems?  Can we travel to the past or to the future and what are the consequences of such travels?

This book has the delightful quality of being, at the same time, exactly what I thought it would be and exactly opposite what if would be.  It is also one of those books that cannot be described in great detail without giving away too much of the plot.  Therefore, my description is a bit hazy and not quite clear, but I can’t have it any other way.  This book will delightfully surprise you and keep you guessing over reality versus imagination.

Take your own trip through time by finding and requesting this book in our catalog.

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