The Death Instinct by Jed Rubenfeld

It’s New York City, the year is 1920. The Great War is over and people are trying to get their lives back to normal. The economy is extremely  weak, when two old friends meet. They are Dr.  Strathan Younger and Captain James Littlemore. Dr.  Younger has just returned from the war and has brought with him a French refugee by the name of Colette Rousseau and her young brother, Luc.  Littlemore  is a Captain in the NYPD.

But all their lives are about to drastically change in a matter of  moments , when a tremendous bomb goes off in Wall Street. The damage is terrific, many lives are lost as Strathan attempts to treat the injured and Littlemore tries to get the police to regain control of the situation. In the  middle  of the chaos, Colette goes off for more supplies for the wounded but doesn’t return. By the time some order is restored , Littlemore and Younger go to find Colette but she has vanished…..and so has Luc. A clue to the disappearance may lie in the explanation that Younger gives to Littlemore.

Younger and Rousseau’s history starts back in Europe during the war.  Younger is treating the wounded when he meets Colette who is traveling to the front with one of Madame Curie’s latest inventions…..the X-ray machine. Working together, they are  more  quickly able to diagnose injuries and therefore improve the survival rate of the wounded soldiers. Colette has been studying with Madame Curie at the Sorbonne in Paris. Colette lost both her parents in the war and the only other family  survivor is her 10 year old brother, Luc.

It is this developing friendship that brought Colette, Luc and Strathan to New York, but there is one more factor that may be at play in her disappearance. Rousseau brought to New York a small amount of radium that she obtained before leaving Europe…….and this may be the key factor in her disappearance!! Someone is after the radium, plus two strange  red-headed women are also pursuing Colette. Come along  for  an exciting trip of historical fiction in  Jed Rubenfeld’s  latest thriller.

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