Paranoia by Joseph Finder

Adam Cassidy is a semi-techie at Wyatt Communications when he pulls a stunt that could land him in prison for 20 years. He hacks into his company’s security system to free up funds for a retirement party for Jonesie, one of the men working on the loading dock. Adam is caught by Wyatt’s security people and he is brought before CEO Nick Wyatt. But instead of turning him into the police, he is offered a proposition. And so starts Joseph Finder’s fast paced thriller.

Here’s the deal — Adam is going to be given a resume and short term training in espionage. In exchange for this he will attempt to get a job at Trion Systems. If successful, he is supposed to find out as much as he can about a secret project named ‘Aurora’ . Wyatt knows that whatever this project is, it has the potential of knocking Wyatt Communications out of the high tech field… or at least causing severe damage.

Cassidy realizes he has no choice and he follows instructions. He lands the job and he begins his indoctrination with Trion. He must now do his assigned job at Trion while figuring out how to secure the information for Wyatt. Adam is not stupid, he just has never really been asked to apply himself. He has always enjoyed the role of ‘slacker’ . Even if he successful he could face prison as a spy for Wyatt or as an embezzler against Wyatt.  It’s not quite a ‘win-win’ situation.

Finder never lets you catch your breath. The pace is frantic and you will enjoy all the twists and turns in this great read.

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