One Day by David Nicholls

One Day is the story of a blooming love affair, although a very slowly blooming one. Dexter and Emma meet on St. Swithin’s Day (a British holiday that falls on July 15th) in 1988, and spend a lovely night together. They’ve just graduated from college and Dexter is about to head out of the country to find himself for a while, so, despite the obvious connection between the two, they part ways. Somehow a friendship grows out of their brief encounter, and they keep in touch through letters while Dexter is abroad.

Our next viewing of the pair is exactly one year later, on July 15th, 1989. And so goes the book, showing us where the two stand on St. Swithin’s Day each year for twenty years. We watch as they support each other through jobs, relationships, and life, both the good and the bad.  Their friendship has its own ebb and flow over the years, and the snapshots throughout time allow the reader to see an overarching picture of their relationship over the years.

The book is beautifully written and switches its narrative between the two characters, giving different perspectives of the same events for a fuller picture of Dexter and Emma’s lives and encounters. Sometimes funny, sometimes sad, One Day was a treat to read. You’ll find yourself rooting for their relationship to finally find its groove.

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