The Bedwetter: Stories of Courage, Redemption and Pee by Sarah Silverman

Recently, I’ve found myself listening to memoirs of Jewish women from New York, read by the authors themselves. That’s how The Bedwetter  ended up in my CD player. It was kind of an accident. Now, I’ve seen the Sarah Silverman Show a few times, but just a few. I love black humor, but blue humor bores me pretty quickly. So that’s why I was never hooked by Sarah. However, I listened to this audiobook twice … once during the daily commute, and once with company. As a reader, she is enchanting.

Sarah Silverman was taught by her father to swear. She had her first public performance in a market when she was three years old. There she stood and, at her father’s signal, let loose every swear word she knew. Her audience was shocked, but they laughed. From that moment, little Sarah became aware of  the low investment/high reward ratio of naughty humor. And she loved the rush.

In her early life, Sarah dealt with the kinds of traumas we all do: wetting the bed regularly until the teen years, being hung out a twelfth-story window by a drug-addled dude, being prescribed 16 Xanax a day to help with depression.

Through the stories of growing up and finding her way as a comedienne – from standup in New York to television in LA – Sarah Silverman shows what she’s made of. And the listener begins to understand that beyond the fart jokes and blasphemy, beyond the persona of a clueless and arrogant ignoramus, is a pretty smart woman at work. And she is cute.

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