Dead Man’s Grip by Peter James

It’s a bad day for an accident, it’s raining and people are hurrying to work. Carly Chase is rushing, having dropped off her son at school late and knowing she has an important client waiting for her. Stuart Ferguson is overtired and has had little sleep but is trying to make his truck delivery on time. Suddenly a man on a bike dives into Portland Road from the wrong direction. Carly swerves to miss him and crashes into a store front. Stuart’s lorry misses the biker also, but a white van clips the man on a bike driving him under the lorry and then takes off. The rider dies at the scene.

And so starts Peter James’ latest thriller. The area is cordoned off and the police take over the investigation in the Brighton suburb of London. Detective Superintendent Roy Grace knows it is going to be a long day. The situation becomes a whole lot more complicated when the victim is identified as Tony Revere, an American student studying at Brighton University. Grace asks his team members if the name Revere means anything to them and they all answer in the negative. Grace then tells them that Revere’s grandfather is Sal Giordino….the current New York Godfather!!

After Lou and Fernanda Revere arrive from New York to identify the body, things get even more complicated. Fernanda Revere, Giordino’s daughter, who is beside herself in grief, puts up a $100,000 reward to help to capture whomever has killed her beloved son. This is not what the police needed for a case that is already going to be difficult to solve. And to add one further problem, there is the invisible ‘hit man’ known as ‘Tooth ‘ who may also play a role in this tragic affair.

Peter James’ fast paced thriller will leave you breathless as Roy Grace races against the clock to solve this case before there are more bodies for the overburdened Sussex police.

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