Above Suspicion by Lynda LaPlante

This first book in a new series by the author of Cold Heart introduces a young female detective who is starting off her career in the homicide division.  Anna Travis is determined to live up to her father’s reputation and advance in the London police force.   She is excited to be put on a team that has been trying to catch a serial killer who has preying on local prostitutes for over 5 years.   Suddenly, the killer switches to a young female student and the police fear he is escalating.

Finally, a new lead surfaces which points to a very successful actor, Alan Daniels, but all of the evidence is circumstantial. Daniels seems somewhat enamored of Anna, though.  Detective Chief Inspector Langton, the head of the murder team decides the only way is to have Anna try and get closer to the actor.  Anna feels uneasy with this and is unsure about her feelings for the actor or her feelings for Langton.  Is he an innocent man being targeted unfairly, or is she his next target?

La Plante’s strength is in her knowledge of how difficult police work really is.  The description of the ups and downs of an investigation and the tedious checking and rechecking of every detail that is required to solve a large murder case is realistic, yet La Plante is able to make this all suspenseful.  Anna is an interesting character who has great determination but is not perfect or some kind of super hero.  I think La Plante still writes some of the best mysteries to be found.  There are now six books in the series and they seem to be getting better and better.

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