Portrait of a Spy by Daniel Silva

Gabriel Allon  is back…one of  literature’s most popular international agents. Some have compared him to Ian Fleming’s James Bond. Allon is not on assignment with Israeli intelligence at present and is in fact rumored  to be retired.  He and his wife, Chiara are living in a small house on the coast of England. He has returned to his first love, the restoration of works of art.

World events, however, are not going to let him stay in his peaceful surroundings. Explosions in Paris and Copenhagen announce the return of Islamic fanatics and there is now fear that London is next. Chiara and Gabriel return to London and are entering Covent Gardens when Gabe notices a very suspicious person bearing all the telltale signs of a bomber. Allon is armed and is ready to follow his suspicions and take down the bomber, but before he can shoot the man, he is taken down by English agents just as the bomb goes off. Gabe is brought to Scotland Yard and after he proves who he is, he is released and warned in no uncertain terms that he is to do nothing about the incident.

But you and I know that is something that Gabriel Allon will never obey!!
Back in his house in the English countryside, he is visited by the head of Israeli intelligence, Uzi  Navot.  Gabe is being asked to report to Adrian Carter , one of the CIA’s highest intelligence agents. He is going to be given intel on who the United States  believes is behind the bombings — one  Rashid al-Husseini. The embarrassment of the entire situation is that the US trained Rashid to work with our government to infiltrate Al-Quada…not very successful.

A team is to be assembled in Washington that will combine their talents in trying to bring down this latest threat. I am not at liberty to  give you more of the plot for fear of taking away your fun in reading Daniel Silva’s latest international thriller !!

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