Lunatics by Dave Barry and Alan Zweibel

Happy April everyone! Did you get fooled yesterday? Yeah, me too. Did you also know that not only is April 1st a day for jokes, but that the whole month is National Humor Month? So, what better way to kick off the month, than with one of the funniest books of the year!

Dave Barry and Alan Zweibel have teamed up to form the League of Comic Justice! If you believe what’s written on the book’s inside flap, that is. What they’ve really teamed up to do is co-write a very funny buddy novel about two middle aged men from suburban New Jersey who end up on the run from the law, and Chuck E. Cheese, for committing acts of terrorism.

Philip Horkman is a quiet, straight laced, play-by-the-rules kind of guy who owns The Wine Shop (a pet store), and who referees for a girls 10 and under soccer league. Jeffrey Peckerman is a loud, obnoxious, know-it-all, who always goes out of his way to let everyone know exactly what ticks him off. These two meet when Philip calls Jeffrey’s daughter off-sides when she kicks what would have been the championship game winning goal. Peckerman screams at Horkman, who refuses to change his call, and it seems that this unpleasantness is at an end. Yeah, right.

Later, these two become entangled again when a lemur is stolen, as is an insulin pump, and then the George Washington bridge is almost blown up after a high speed car chase – and these two take the blame. Rather than attempt to explain their (relative) innocence, Jeffrey & Philip decide to make a run for it and escape – right into the zoo. From there they hop onto a cruise ship departing for international waters, which happens to be clothing optional. Their zany antics take them around the globe from one international hot spot to another until they end up back in the U.S. and are surprised to find themselves face to face with Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention.

The laugh out loud humor is what one would expect from a Pulitzer Prize winner and one of the original writers for Saturday Night Live. Barry and Zweibel took turns writing each chapter, which alternate between the points of view of Horkman (Zweibel) and Peckerman (Barry). The authors never knew what each other would do to advance the story until the next chapter arrived in their in-box. There’s a funny interview with both authors on Goodreads, and there are plans for a movie starring Steve Carell (although it’s still early in the process) and to be penned by the authors, I mean the League of Comic Justice.

If you have only read Dave Barry’s humorous columns and essays, but haven’t yet discovered his other fiction, give Big Trouble and Tricky Business (which I’ve reviewed before) a try.

To enjoy the madcap misadventures of Horkman and Peckerman, find and reserve this book in our catalog.


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