The Hunter by John Lescroart

Wyatt Hunt is trying to  add personnel to his private investigating business when he receives a strange text message: ‘How did your mother die?’ … And so starts John Lescroart’s latest thriller. Wyatt is totally fascinated by the text since he knows little about his birth parents, Kevin & Margaret Carson. He was adopted by the Hunt family when he was 6 and he has buried whatever memories he had before the age of 6.

The texts continue and although Wyatt gets some help from his friend Callie at AT&T, he can’t pinpoint the location of the texter. With the help of his staff, Tamara & Mickey Dade and Ivan Orloff, he hopes to start to fill in some pieces of this mystery. He also can count on Kevin Juhle of the San Francisco homicide division to give him some help. Checking Catholic Children’s welfare of San Francisco leads him to one, Father Bernard. The Father is thrilled to finally meet Wyatt and gives him a letter he has been saving for 40 years! It is a letter from Wyatt’s father, Kevin, in which he tells him how much he loves him and that he had nothing to do with Margaret’s murder.

Wyatt realizes that the texter is scared to be identified because the murderer must still be alive and he also realizes that his father may also be alive. Now it is up to Wyatt & friends to solve a 40 year old murder and maybe meet his birth father. But without identifying the texter, the task will be very difficult. Yet each additional text both provides him with a clue and prods him to not give up. For Wyatt there are so many unanswered questions. And suddenly memories buried for 40 years are struggling to come to the surface.

This may be one of John Lescroart’s finest thrillers. You won’t put this book down until you too get some answers. Wyatt will use all the modern appurtenances of the era we live in to aid in his search. But from the beginning, he realizes that the identity of the ‘texter’ is crucial to his investigation!

And don’t worry about having to catch up with a series, as this one is a stand alone novel.

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