The Giver by Lois Lowry

Is The Hunger Games too disturbing and violent for your taste? Try Lois Lowry’s classic Newbery Award-winning book, The Giver. This Community, which is never named, is a polar opposite of Panem. There is no war, no starvation, and no strife of any kind. The lives of the residents are completely structured. A group of Elders looks out for the welfare of each of the citizens in the Community. A Community in which each married couple if approved will raise two children, a boy and a girl. Unlike the conflict torn world of Panem, Lowry has created a utopian society, where conflict and confrontation are avoided at all costs.

At an annual ceremony every eleven year old is given their assignment for their adult responsibilities. We meet eleven year old Jonah, who is a bit apprehensive at the thought of his adult assignment. Jonah does not know what job he would want in the community. His father is a Nurturer, who cares for infants from birth until they get placed with their families at age one. His mother works in the Justice Center, where she is a judge. Neither of these occupations seem very exciting to Jonah. He also knows the Committee works very hard to ensure the proper match for each person. When Jonah is chosen for the most prestigious job in the community, The Receiver, his world begins to be altered. Will Jonah be able to survive in the Community as he learns of the truth about it?

This book is also as an audio book on CD and a downloadable audio book narrated by Ron Rifkin.

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