The World Made Straight by Ron Rash

Are you on the waiting list for Ron Rash’s newest book, The Cove? Why not take the time to explore some of Rash’s earlier works. I have read all of his books and have thoroughly enjoyed them all but my personal favorite is The World Made Straight. Rash always features wonderful vivid characters and Travis Shelton, the anti-hero of The World Made Straight is one of my favorites.

Travis is a 17 year old dropout living in Madison County North Carolina with his abusive father. On a fishing trip one day, Travis finds a field of marijuana in the woods, and steals some plants and keeps going back for more. You just know this is not going to end well for Travis and it doesn’t’.

The only good thing to come out of all this is the friend he finds in Leonard, a drug dealing former teacher who is obsessed with the Shelton Laurel Massacre, a real event in the Civil War that affects all of the characters in subtle ways. Leonard becomes a mentor to Travis and an assortment of other wayward travelers including teenage runaway Dena.

The story moves and flows and never lags and you will find out interesting facts about an actual event in the Civil War. The characters are true to life and you will become very fond of them. I found the book to be gripping and full of action and surprises. I hoped and prayed for a happy ending for Travis. Read the book to find out what happens …

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