Deep Down True by Juliette Fay

This week we’re featuring some of our favorite Audio Books, just in time for planning your summer road trips. You can also click the Audio Books tag at the bottom of this post or at the top of the tag cloud on the right hand side of our blog’s home page for more great audio book suggestions!

I actually listened to this book as a downloadable audio book, and I was afraid that the narration, which I didn’t like initially, was going to keep me from enjoying it. But, as it turned out, the narrator positively influenced my perception of the protagonist. I ended up loving it, and I think those of you who like good women’s literature will also fall in love with it. Juliette Fay is also the author of Shelter Me.

Dana, a recently divorced mom, job-challenged, with a wayward and slightly goth niece having shown up on her doorstep, struggles to figure out who she’s going to be now and how to be true to herself when everyone else needs a piece of her. She’s uncertain of what she wants, and at the same time, afraid of finding out what that is. It’s my favorite kind of book that can make me feel like I’m right there, feeling everything the main character feeling. I think I especially liked that she was a bit afraid, like she was never sure she was doing the right thing. Ultimately you have to be true to who you are beyond the surface, and if you are, whatever you do is the right thing.

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