Falling Together by Marisa de los Santos

I’m a huge fan of Marisa de los Santos, so I was greatly looking forward to this most recent book (she’s also the author of Love Walked In and Belong to Me). At the end of Pen and Will and Cat’s story, am I’m still meandering over it and deciding exactly what I think. The writing, of course, is beautiful. I love the way her sentences sort of go on forever and then I’m disappointed when they come to an end. Her use of language to invoke just the right feeling is extraordinary.

This particular story, that of the friendship of Pen and Will and Cat and how it’s affected by time and distance, seems familiar, yet has the added twist that they were once inseparable friends but are brought together now only by a strange email from Cat asking Pen and Will for help. As is typical of the author, it’s told backwards and forwards, through flashbacks and memories. It’s a technique that has worked well for her, though some may be a touch irritated at the slow pace in the beginning.

This is a wonderful, lovely book that has a lot to say about friendship and relationships and whether they can really ever be gone. It’s a treat just to read her writing, as very few writers seem to make me feel the characters as she does.

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