Roast Mortem by Cleo Coyle

Roast Mortem is one of my favorite books in Cleo Coyle’s Coffeehouse Mystery Series. This is not the usual frothy cozy which you might expect from the clever title and artsy cover. Coyle’s trademark prologue will have your heart pounding as you follow the arsonist down a dark, cold alley in Queens.

The bomb activated fire that destroys Caffe Lucia coffehouse and nearly kills Clare Cosi, her former mother-in-law and fellow barista, is the first in a streak of random fires. Clare is determined to find the connection between the arsons to prevent further death and damage.

Clare has a steamy romance with NYPD detective Mike Quinn which hits a rough patch with the entrance of his mirror image cousin and firefighter Michael Quinn. The conflict between the two men runs deeper than just professional jealousy.

Coyle is the master of clever patter between coffeehouse manager Clare and her quirky hip New York baristas. You’ll want to run out and open your own coffeehouse so you can pull the perfect espresso and bake up some hazelnut biscotti. By the way, you’ll find those recipes and hints in the back of the book.
This book will appeal to readers of cozy mysteries, romance, suspense and New York City aficionados. On What Grounds is the first in the series.

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