Amy W.’s Summer Picks

Summer, it turns me upside down
Summer, summer, summer
It’s like a merry-go-round
Magic by The Cars

Summer is a season that pleases the senses. The syrupy sweetness of a peach, the smell of chlorine mingled with sun block or the sound of your favorite summer tune never fails to take you to a place without deadlines and schedules. Here are four books that I think will help you relax to the max where ever you find yourself this summer.

Tilt a Whirl by Chris Grabenstein
Danny Boyle prefers cargo shorts as he patrols the beaches (and ladies) of Sea Haven NJ and his partner Officer Ceepak prefers cargo pants perfect for carrying around lots of stuff that comes in handy (or would that be pantsy or leggy?) when investigating the murder of a billionaire at the nearby amusement park. This is a wild ride investigating a high-profile murder that should be an open and shut case, but becomes more and more like the twists and turns of the tilt-a-whirl.

The Little Friend by Donna Tartt
Influenced by the classic adventure stories of childhood literature, Harriet spends the summer trying to solve her brother’s murder from twelve years ago. This book is entrenched in the ways of the South, from the oppressive summer heat to the divisive structure of Southern society. It is excitement emanating from the boredom of a child’s small town summer.

Tales of the City by Armistead Maupin
This book (the first in a series) is really a collection of the popular San Francisco Chronicle serialized soap opera from the 1970’s. Tales of the City follows MaryAnn, Michael and the mysterious Anna Madrigal through the events of the time. This book is a fun romp and a guilty pleasure you can own up to enjoying.


Fun and Games by Duane Swierczynski
I don’t really remember if this book takes place in summer, but it does take place in La La Land, the land of perpetual summer: Los Angeles. If you like Tarantino, unstoppable assassins or seedy underground networks, this book is for you. It is excitement ripped from the pages of your favorite tabloid or comic book.


Check out one of these books, mix up your favorite summertime cocktail and don’t forget the sunscreen!


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One Response to “Amy W.’s Summer Picks”

  1. Diane D. Says:

    These all sound like great books. I’m going to download the first one to my Nook right now. Thanks!

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