Tabloid City by Pete Hamill

It’s Pete Hamill at his best … no one captures the sights and sounds of New York, the city that never sleeps, as well as Hamill. It will take a little patience to tie together all the threads of this story. He introduces you to so many characters that it will take you a little time to start to see how the characters will all play a role in this evolving tale. But in a short time, I promise you, it will all come together. Basically it is a murder mystery with a large cast of personalities that will all play a role in the story.

Some of the main characters are Sam Briscoe, editor of the World newspaper, fighting to save his beloved paper from the digital age.

There is socialite Cynthia Harding, fundraising for her beloved NY libraries. There is Mary Lou Watson, Cynthia’s secretary, who is married to Ali Watson, NYPD and attached to the Anti-Terrorist Unit.  And there is Malik Watson … Ali and Mary Lou’s son who has deserted the family to become a radical Muslim.  And these are only some of the characters you will meet and start to care for.  There is also Bobby Fonseca, who is just making his ‘bones’ as a reporter for the World. There are no chapters … the story is divided into day and night and the action swings back and forth from character to character.  After you have a feel for the characters, you will see how their paths cross once the bodies of Cynthia Harding and her secretary, Mary Lou Watson are discovered. Hamill’s story may well prove to you that in this world we live in, there really is only 6 degrees of separation.

One thing I can promise is that once you are caught up in this tale of intrigue and yet, the normalcy of everyday existence, you won’t put it down until you have finished it.  Pete Hamill does it again.

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