Summer Rental by Mary Kay Andrews

Mary Kay Andrews is one of my favorites. Her characters are witty and her story lines usually have an unforeseen twist. Andrews’ Summer Rental is about three girlfriends who rent a North Carolina beach house. As this story of friendship and obstacles unfolds you will laugh and cry with these ladies.

Lifelong friends Ellis, Dori, and Julia decide it’s time for a much needed get-a-way. The girls rent a beach house in Nags Head, NC.  Ellis has been fired, and Dori is troubled by finances while something much bigger is bothering her as well. Julia, the model, has a secret she has been holding onto for years and has finally decided to share with her friends. Each lady is very uncertain about her future. When Dori’s sister backs out of the trip the trio is in need of a fourth roommate.  While at a local eatery, Dori overhears that Marin, a.k.a. Madison, is looking for a place to stay for a couple of weeks. Dori offers Marin the extra room and Marin accepts. Unbeknownst to her new housemates, Marin is on the run and like the others she is speculative of her future.

Ebbtide, the house the girls are renting, is a little less than desirable with its noisy window units, old appliances, cramped bedrooms and pests. The ladies are very curious about their handsome and mysterious neighbor, Ty Basemore, who lives in the apartment above the garage. Ty, a day trader and bartender, has some secrets and issues of his own that he is dealing with. Love is in the air when Ty and Ellis discover they have a “thing” for each other. Despite the fact that each character is dealing with their own personal battles they lean on each other for support, and manage to have fun and make the best of their time at the beach. Suspense, romance, trouble, and good fortune await the characters and will have you hanging onto Andrews’ every word.

Like her other books, this story has a good mixture of humor, romance and mystique. As usual, Andrews does a fabulous job of drawing you into the story. By the time you finish the book you will be longing for a week at the beach.

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