Jimmy by Robert Whitlow

Robert Whitlow’s novels all have legal themes of one type or another and so does Jimmy. The main character, Jimmy,  is a boy with mental disabilities who lives in a small town in Georgia. This is a slower-paced story than Whitlow’s other works. It focuses on character development and relationships more than the legal thriller aspect, but it still packs quite a dramatic punch.

Jimmy is well-known and loved in his small town. His parents are very supportive and help him learn to do the things that most of us take for granted. He learns to ride a bike, help out at his father’s law office, and successfully testify in court in a major drug case in which he is a witness. Jimmy’s most dramatic accomplishment comes with the help of his grandpa, a retired telephone lineman. He wants Jimmy to learn to climb a 40-foot telephone pole in his backyard. Nobody else thinks this is even a remotely good idea. Jimmy and his grandfather eventually prevail and Jimmy begins the lengthy process of learning to climb like a real lineman.

Jimmy is a little more spiritually aware than most of us and sees “Watchers” who help him when he needs special assistance. His mother is convinced the “Watchers” are angels, but not everyone agrees with this idea. Jimmy’s life is not all peaches and cream. There are some people who are mean to him and one person in particular who will ultimately put Jimmy in a position of terrifying danger.

Jimmy is the kind of character that will warm the heart of the coldest person. I found myself becoming so involved in his story that I never wanted it to end. Alas, it did end and not without a lot of controversy among Whitlow’s faithful readers. The author has provided an alternate ending on his website which I would encourage you to read. I’ve loved all of Mr. Whitlow’s books, but I believe this is my favorite.

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