Shake Off by Mischa Hiller

This is an international thriller with a different perspective. Michel Khoury is an intelligence operative looking for peace in the Middle East but he is not your typical agent. He was not brought up in the West. His family was killed with a lot of other Christian and Arab Palestinians in Lebanon and his trainers were Russian. His handler, Abu Leila, also comes from a similar background as Michel. This story is not, however, a story of East versus West but a story of secretive agents working for some sort of true detente in the Middle East.

Michel’s major talent is the ease with which he learns languages.He has handled many assignments for Abu Leila , where his language skills helped him move freely between England, Germany(both East and West), and Russia. But now his life is about to become more complicated. He meets Helen, the first young woman who truly pulls at his heart strings. How can he balance his operative assignment and still have a normal relationship with a woman? The balancing act requires more than Michel has anticipated and now he may have endangered Helen’s life.

Agents from Israel seem to have materialized in London and are shadowing Michel. Michel and Helen’s lives may be in danger. The pace of the story which for awhile had been leisurely is now about to reach full speed. How will Michel protect himself and Helen? Mischa Hiller’s second book shows his knowledge of world affairs and he presents a different slant on the problems that have plagued the Middle East since 1948.

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